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"I've never been particularly interested in a tarot reading, but since I met Jovy and learned about what she does, I have felt an undeniable resonance. It was literally a no-brainer and pure inner inspiration to book a session with her. I was so eager to receive her intuitive guidance through the tarot cards.

Jovy embodies her inner knowing. She was not predicting my future; she held the unwavering presence of the fullest potential I could experience. Jovy gently showed me where I am vibrationally and guided me so I could make a deliberate decision on which direction I would like to shift. It was a very intuitive and accurate process. I was in awe of the precision of the energetical information that Jovy was flowing through her towards me. I could recognize these vibrational set points of situations and subconscious memories that I was still holding on to. Jovy brought me to the root of the cause: the old stories I picked up along my existence and other generational memories still engraved within me. Once she showed me that they were still active, the awareness about it empowered me to release them all. And I did!

There are no good or bad happenings in Jovy's readings; there is only a recognition of where you are and a fuller potential to experience the life you desire the most for yourself. Jovy's intuitive tarot reading is one of my favorite permission slips to check out my relationship with all the topics important to me. She does not tell you what to do; she expresses and holds the possibility for you to release resistance so you can shift and experience more of what you want. Jovy's sessions are loving, lighthearted, and so fun!

The experience with Jovy inspired me to ask her to become my mentor in embodying the process of intuitive tarot reading. I dream about Jovy's intuitive guidance academy for everyone who resonates and is ready to hold the unwavering presence of love, abundance, and the infinite potential of Source's life expression through the process of tarot reading." 

Armand Alvarez, USA
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"I am very grateful to Jovy for her insightful tarot reading and gentle yet powerful healing sessions.

In the tarot reading, Jovy had given me a clear picture of several areas of my life as well as the opportunities and the biggest challenge that I was facing at that moment.

During the reading on intimate relationship, besides basically telling me our recent situation and outcome, Jovy brought my attention to the lesson, interaction and healing with that particular person in this lifetime.

My tarot reading with Jovy was remarkably inspiring and encouraging. Jovy had also given me practical advises on my biggest challenge and relationship issue. In the energy healing, Jovy helped to remove my energy blockages that held me back. I felt more calm and grounded after a session, and found the courage to let go and move on.

I would highly recommend both tarot reading and energy healing sessions with Jovy."

Clement Mak, Hong Kong
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"I recently had a reading and healing session with Jovy to work on anxiety issues and determine the best way forward with a particular issue. Jovy immediately made me feel comfortable and listened to (in fact, she very generously gave me more of her time than we had initially agreed on for the session).

The angel card reading was spot-on and incredibly reassuring, and Jovy explained it all to me in a simple yet inspiring way. The meditation was a wonderful experience and I relaxed completely, guided by her voice to visualise some very calming and loving images.

I left the session feeling re-focused and far more positive and calm than I had felt for weeks and, to my surprise, this calm feeling lasted long after the session was over, suggesting that it was far more than a placebo effect. I followed through on her recommendations and they have made a real - quite astonishing, in fact — positive difference to my life. I would recommend Jovy for a healing and reading unreservedly."

Fiona McKeand, Hong Kong
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"A tarot session with Jovy was precise, accurate, to the point and just what was needed at that moment in my life. Jovy is a wonderful and positive person and her energy rubs onto you...each interaction with her leaves you enriched and feeling more confident about oneself."

Ira Dutta, Singapore
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"I thought I would get the usual predictions but this is not how Jovy works. What I really liked about Jovy's reading is that it is a pro-active approach that puts the individual back in control over the aspects of life that need to be worked out, and empowers us to move forward in life for the better."  

Charley Cloris, Hong Kong
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"Thank you Jovy for all of your wisdom and guidance over the last few months! The 12 weeks program with you has greatly improved the quality of my life and made me more aligned with my true self. I truly feel like a different person!

I felt intuitively guided to do the work with you even though I didn’t have a specific goal in mind and I am so happy that I did. I just felt that I needed to do this at this stage in my life. As we did the work together, I realised that there were many unexamined beliefs and patterns in my life that were not serving me. These were influencing me on a level that I was rarely aware of, but with ease and grace, you helped me see my blind spots. You always brought your wisdom, intuitive guidance and your sense of joy to the sessions.

Each week, I would start the session with an issue or a belief that I was burdened with (sometimes for many decades!) and by the end of the hour, the issue would be completely resolved. It was like magic!  Even though you used many different approaches throughout the sessions, the hypnosis sessions were my absolute favourite as I found we could go extremely deep and get profoundly healing outcomes. 

Our sessions empowered me to feel in control in my life no matter what the circumstance.  I feel a deep sense of calm, joy and freedom and am excited for a future full of possibilities unencumbered by past burdens.

Jovy, you really have the gift of compassion, intuition and insight and are a true joy to work with. I cannot recommend you and your life changing course enough! Thank you beautiful Jovy!!"     

Dominika Ferenz, Australia
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“I just finished a three months program with Jovy Wan. As soon as we ended our last call I burst into tears! I was so deeply moved by the love and support I have received from Jovy. She has been a huge help with clearing all the blocks I have been dealing with in my life. I have worked on myself for many years but it has never really clicked for me. However, through the coaching from Jovy I have been able to understand what is really standing in my way. When I came to a deeper understanding of what is truly the issue for me it was much easier to let go and choose a different path. 

Jovy has taught me so much about many areas in my life - relationships, self-love, work and happiness. She has given me tools to put me on the right path and create what is truly right for me. She saw my blind spots that I could have not seen for myself. She is honest and knows the direction of where you are going. 

She has helped me to let go of something that I have not been able to let go of my entire life. I am so grateful for her. Being able to clear out this area of my life is priceless! It brings me freedom and joy! 

She is so supportive and has your back - always! Jovy has the best mindset and it is truly inspiring. She is the perfect example of ease and joy. She IS what she preaches!! 

I am so grateful that I decided to work with her for three months. The tools she has given me is something I will have forever and I will keep on practicing! Even though our coaching journey has ended for now, her coaching and tools will have a long lasting effect. 

"Everyone who has the pleasure to work with Jovy are so lucky. She is an amazing woman and coach! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"     

Emilie Bertram Hansen, Denmark
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"All forms of personal development, mentoring and coaching are so valuable but working through Jovy's programme allowed me to find more freedom and clarity than any other work I've done.

I've experienced some tough situations but always felt like I was more than capable of coming out the other side. What I perhaps didn’t realise is that I came out of every experience with a little more chatter in my mind and a little more anxiety that I continued to live with. I knew that from such a good position in my life now things should just feel easier and happier but they didn’t. I knew it was an internal game to be won and that my mind was in the driving seat - I needed something different to let go of the chatter.

Thankfully Jovy was the perfect fit for me right from the beginning. I instantly felt calm and at ease when talking to her. Subtle changes were happening as each week progressed, topics would naturally arise and I felt safe to unravel my thoughts wherever they were taken. Jovy’s ability to connect and deeply understand takes the coaching to a whole new level.

I achieved all the goals I had from the outset and more. We addressed all my underlying perspectives and beliefs. And when they were removed I was left with the knowledge that I had all the answers within me. I am able to hear my own inner guidance more clearly. I am able to accept circumstances as neutral and not attach to them. I no longer carry that heavy and weary feeling attached to emotional anxiety. I am more present each day and I feel peaceful for what my future unfolding will bring.

It’s the best investment anyone could make in themselves, and Jovy is a world class coach. I would especially add that those 12 weeks was the time I needed to feel and make real changes, the messages continued to build and stay with me. Jovy had a feminine perspective that was so welcome. For anyone wondering if now is the right time, I'd say absolutely yes - it doesn’t matter where you are Jovy will guide you where you need to be."

Orla M, Ireland
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"Jovy is exactly how I thought she would be! Compassionate, intuitive, thoughtful and so much fun. We worked on relationships…and a fear of being alone. Her insights helped me clear this ridiculous fear!! Jovy you are made for this!! Incredible 💕 (plus I gained a friend)."

Angie, USA
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"Jovy is a very present and focused coach with the capacity to guide and encourage in ways that left me feeling empowered, seen and deeply supported. My frustration with an old issue has decreased enormously and I feel excited about the possibilities of my life."

Jen McKinlay, Australia
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"I was touched by the care Jovy showed throughout the session, the time she invested to understand me better, and the patience and expertise she demonstrated as she was guiding me through the session. She also shared valuable experiences that resonated with me a lot.

I never thought I could see anything under hypnosis, but I did! And more importantly, I got lots of valuable nuggets and messages from both the regression part as well as the questions to my higher self. I have been pondering on the question of whether I am in the right career, and if I should consider moving into something that can help me better live my life purpose. This was one of the key questions I brought into the session, and I was amazed to hear myself/my higher self during the session when Jovy asked this question said: The job doesn’t really matter, it’s only the vehicle…My purpose is the path and I can live it irrespective of the job/vehicle I am in. As I heard the words leave my mouth I was shocked with how much sense they made – thank you higher self!!!

I also had great insights on how I can lead a much more fulfilling and coherent life in line with my life’s purpose by letting go of fear and focusing more on my core values of Love and Faith. I have led most of my life doing and accomplishing but out of a place of fear and lack rather than love and wholeness, and the messages I got really helped me gain momentum on this journey."

Tamara Hassan, Dubai
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"A huge shoutout to Jovy Wan and her hypnosis sessions! About a month ago I had a private QHHT session with Jovy. She is a master! She was so gentle and calming for the whole experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect and when I was being resistant to relax, Jovy very softly talked me round and helped us maintain a strong connection with my inner being. She was excellent in drawing out explanations of everything I was experiencing so it’s captured on my recording.

Since the session so many amazing things have started to unfold. I am speaking up where before I would have stayed quiet, my husband told me I was a lot more relaxed and fun. I’ve cut and dyed my hair (yes you can get styling advice from your higher self) and can hear my different guides I met so loud and clear. They have become so familiar to me.

I highly recommend the experience to anyone wanting that deeper connection, or answers to your journey of what you are here to do. Thank you Jovy you are amazing, it’s the gift that keep on giving." 

Jess Carr, Singapore
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"I was really apprehensive and kind of scared to do the session. In some ways I wanted to know some of the things that were holding me back, and also where I will go from here. My session with Jovy was really relaxing, well her voice was. I went through quite a few emotional roller coaster moments. Sometimes I was sad, other times I had clarity, other times I had insights.

Before I did the session with Jovy, I really wasn't sure about my direction and my purpose in life. Since I did the session I have started exercising more, and presently on a nine day cleanse. My focus is better, I take more inspired action. Overall I feel like a new person! The doubts, the worries, the frustration…they all seem to be gone. This was a life-changing experience for me, maybe it can be for you also."     

Abraham Cruz, USA
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"I am by nature what I would describe as an open-minded skeptic. Though I went into my hypnosis session with Jovy with a sense of excitement and I knew it would be fun, I had zero expectation that it would be revelatory in any way. Instead I was taken on a mind blowing journey into myself that was beyond amazing. I had not once ever pondered the idea of my higher self speaking audibly through me. Yet Jovy was able to help me make that connection with ease. The information from my higher self was clear, surprising at times, thoughtful and very direct in what I truly needed in my life. 

I've rewatched the video of the session and I am just amazed. Not just at the information but at the changes in my own demeanor and energy as I moved from myself to a past life and even to channeling my deceased wife. The depth of pure love that flowed through me was so intense during the session that my face was tear soaked even though I was mostly unaware of that in the moment. 

The session left me with absolute clarity on how I should handle the next phase of my life. It also gave me a deeper understanding of my connection to myself and the universe as a whole. As corny as that sounds, I was given the gift of clearly seeing that love is everywhere all the time and always available to me. 

I honestly don't have the proper words to describe how it felt as we moved through the session. What I thought was maybe around 45 minutes was actually over two hours. Jovy was so kind, gentle and patient with me during the whole process I was left both exhilarated and spent in the best sort of way. I would highly recommend a session with Jovy whether it's to find some clarity in your own life or just to revel in the experience."

David Fuller, USA
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"It was so wonderful to have connected with Jovy on my last visit to Hong Kong. I know her through QHHT practitioners’ forum and I really wanted Jovy to conduct a QHHT session for me because she was highly recommended to me by Julia Cannon.

I was not disappointed and Jovy definitely exceeded my expectations. She is proficient in both Cantonese and English, which made the session very enjoyable and easy for me because even though I’m from Hong Kong, I’m much more comfortable conversing in English, or rather, a mixture of both Cantonese and English. She was patient and attentive, spending long hours listening and getting to know me. I was able to open up to her because she never judged me and she never tried to hurry me; and because her kindness and interest in me were genuine. She has this gentle presence which made the hypnosis experience truly relaxing and I felt safe under her care. It’s not exaggerating to say that she was like a cross between my guardian angel and a teddy bear, and she was ever encouraging while she guided me through the past lives.

When I listened to the session recording, I realized also that she was very skillful with her voice, her questionings and her navigation skills. As a QHHT practitioner myself, I could tell you that these skills come about with experience and require much patience and compassion from the practitioners. QHHT is a well thought out wellness method and I would encourage anyone to experience it. However, having the chance to get to know Jovy as a practitioner, I trust that other methods that she employs would be just as good because the integrity of the practitioners is often what assists people to achieve wellness."  

Stephanie Shek, Greece
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"I was familiar and very comfortable with hypnosis or past life regressions. Yet, I knew that there was reservation somewhere deep to fully surrender to the experience, to let go of the attachment that I have a busy brain. I was honest with Jovy about that, and she reassured me that I could simply trust the path that had led me to her and QHHT. Not only were her extensive experiences comforting, but also the passion for healing she emanates is so infectious! 

​So, when I settled into the session, it was with ease and comfort. I trusted Jovy and that my soul was guiding me where I needed to be. Tears, an encounter with a familiar soul, sensations of relief… all came to me while surrendering into the experience. Or was I finally able to quiet the mind enough so that the Higher-Self was able to unfold and connect with Jovy’s Higher-Self? I came out of the session feeling wiser and more expansive. 
I have taken some insight and advice from my Higher-Self into everyday life afterwards. I often feel that this part of integrating the awakening or otherworldly moment with the physical realm much harder than doing some hard-core self-development courses or immersing in extraordinary meditation experiences. I have fallen from grace many times. However, this encounter with my soul was so profound and earthly at the same time that I seem to have no trouble remembering about the practice of self-healing, a task given by my Higher-Self. Each time I follow through, I feel I am one with Consciousness within, and this knowing is powerful. 
So, thank you Jovy from the bottom of my heart and soul!"    

Yuka Matsumura, Australia
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"I have had the opportunity to experience two sessions with Jovy; one in person in Oct 2018 and one via zoom in May 2020. My first experience in person was a mix of emotions leading up to the session. I was excited and nervous, yet had a deep feeling that having the session and QHHT experience was the right thing to do for me at that time in my life.

Jovy creates a peaceful and welcoming practice room. I felt more relaxed speaking with Jovy before my session about the questions that I had in which I was seeking clarity and answers about. Jovy approaches this consultation period with understanding, compassion and I felt a sense of complete trust in her guidance. I also liked knowing she had trained directly with Dolores Cannon.

The actual experience of the hypnosis/regression part of QHHT I’m told is different for everyone. So for me it felt like my body was very heavy lying on the bed, my mind was deeply relaxed and Jovy’s calm voice guided me in discovering many wonderful, surprising & baffling experiences. It was so special to be able to be in direct contact with my Higher Self, to hear my Higher Self speak as well as other entities who spoke through me. I was lucky enough to have my beloved Nan come through and give me a loving message as well as Dolores Cannon who surprisingly came through and offered supporting words for Jovy.

Jovy also intuitively asks questions of the Higher Self with the intention of providing the best information that would contribute to a person at that time. In my own desires for emotional healing I feel strongly that this session brought ease and peace to personal issues I had been dealing with and also helped me make some difficult decision I was dealing with at that time.

My second QHHT session with Jovy was online via zoom. The process of this session was in the same manner as in person. Even though Jovy was not physically present in the room with me, I felt her presence through her relaxing, guiding voice and felt that I could trust her to safely facilitate my ‘journey’.

The experiences I had in this session were completely different to the first. I remember experiencing a range of emotions from shock, being scared, proud, excitement, even sadness. Yet whatever came up, Jovy’s voice reassured me that all would be well, and that nothing could harm me. This was very reassuring.

As with both sessions I have found it wonderfully insightful, and grateful to be able to have my Higher Self (and other entities) explain why I was shown the experiences that I was shown during the sessions, the past lives, future lives and lessons that I learned. These explanations gave me more peace and clarity regarding the life I’m leading right now! More clarity with regards to ‘my purpose’, ‘who I am’, and tools I can use daily to live a more satisfied and enriching life."

Elliot Charlz, Australia
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"I had my QHHT session with Jovy on July 9, 2020. It took me longer to pen my thoughts after the session because what I experienced were/still are deeply profound for me.

I’ll begin with Jovy, an amazing lady and a highly advanced soul. She is a precious gift for my 50th birthday, which is very important and significant for me. Jovy prepared me in advance with valuable information before our session. Clear and precise hence our session together went along smoothly and beautifully.

Prior to this experience, I knew cognitively what Oneness was, yet rarely integrated the knowledge and theories with real life experience. This session gave me the opportunity to be a part of what Oneness truly meant. I now know, and felt/feel what it’s like to be ONE with all that is. Nothing beats this powerful experience vs. just reading about it.

I will not pen the details but I invite you to embark on this journey with Jovy to discover the wonderment that awaits you. The shifts that took place after my session:
1. I had severe back issues for more than 10 years and the root causes were healed during the session. The pain is now gone and my body feels much lighter and more flexible.
2. I said YES to events/experiences that I would have never engaged. The unfolding brings so much more joy to me.
3. Amazing opportunities present themselves effortlessly, joyfully and lovingly.
4. I have deeper peace, purpose and hope.

When I listen to the recording, I am humbled and thrilled by being able to listen to the conversations I had with my higher self and the guides that came through. I am grateful to Jovy for being an ambassador of QHHT. She must have been selectively handpicked by the Universe, truly a gem and highly qualified/evolved to be able to do such profound work.

Jovy, you have shown me my inner light to journey forward and onwards."

Marie-Anne Yong, Malaysia
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"Wow! Where do I start…I came out of the QHHT session thinking it was 15 minutes, to find out that I was actually there (in the hypnosis) for 3 hours. I was so relaxed I didn’t realise how much time passed. The recording clearly shows 3 hours. :)

I am a curious person by nature so my conscious mind decided to interrupt the hypnosis because ‘it got bored’. This is not my assumption. Those words actually came out on the recording. My conscious mind actually came back to say ‘I am bored’, ‘This is exciting’, ’I want to be present’. I always thought my mind is active but never realised just how active. It wouldn’t have been an issue if this have happened once, but it came back every couple of minutes for more than an hour. Imagine having to put a baby to sleep every couple of minutes when the baby wants to play. This is the best way I can describe it. I would have lost my patience and give up after the 3rd attempt. But luckily Jovy is not like me so she carried on for more than an hour. The amount of patience and care she showed, amazes me. I am happy the session was with her. I am not sure other practitioner would have known how to handle this. I did google ‘mind refusing to stay under hypnosis’ and google didn’t come up with any straight answers. This comes to show not many know how to handle the situation. I am already planning my next session with Jovy. I want to try the healing session.

P.S. My neck and shoulder pain went away after the session. I sit at a desk all day. I have no words to describe what a world of difference this makes to me. :)"    

Alina Stroe, Hong Kong
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"I'm profoundly thankful for having the opportunity of meeting Jovy and being under her mastery. After a few weeks I'm still amazed by how simple but powerful the experience of past life regression can be. Her love and compassion, lack of judgment and deep listening made me feel very comfortable and fearless, which I think is essential in order to heal oneself. I wish I could spend more time with her, not only for doing any session but just to enjoy the company of someone who really helps to make you feel that there's nothing wrong, just some areas in need of understanding, acceptance and surrender."

Jorge Vigara, Canada
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"My session was truly amazing. It changed my thinking and allowed me to explore my sub-consciousness deep down in my being. Jovy was amazing. She really showed me love, patience and true compassion. I would not hesitate in recommending Jovy here in Asia. She’s the best! Thank you."  

William Henderson, Hong Kong
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