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Tarot Reading

Intuitive guidance…

Being intuitive is not a pill you take that suddenly makes you become intuitive. It took me a long time, and this ability continues to develop — from feeling completely disconnected to remembering and becoming aware that there's more to me than my brain, that there's higher intelligence being expressed through my physicality. To expand my intuition, I solidified practices such as meditation, allowing my mind to quiet down so I can clearly hear my inner wisdom. 

I am continually studying, expanding my awareness, and integrating my inner wisdom guidance, allowing me to infinitely stretch my intuition. The more I listen, the more I act on it, it becomes clearer how to open myself to receiving more. It’s like flexing my muscles: eventually, it becomes natural. It's me. I embody the intuition itself. And that’s my process of doing Tarot reading, purely intuitive. Every time I do it — like with coaching sessions — I tap into my intuition. I also tap into my client’s energy, as everything is connected intuitively. The same applies to energy healing and everything else.


What's a reading?

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Tarot is a tool that has been used for over thousands of years. Many years ago, I was teaching a class and was researching the origin of tarot cards to teach my students. Frustratingly, many ancient civilizations claim the Tarot: Greek, Chinese, Italian, or even Korean, which was the most surprising bit. Yet I came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter where it originated.  It’s an intuitive tool that has been used for so long and is still expansively used. Tarot is composed of 78 cards with images and meaning-laden symbols. In fact, that's how our unconscious or subconscious mind communicates with us. When we dream, it's always symbols and images. It's never an essay. I use Tarot as a tool to tap into the client's subconscious, to retrieve answers and guidance for them.

Tarot reading is a very useful system for seeing what your current vibrational set point is — it’s fun and lighthearted. The more intuition I tap into, the more powerful the reading is and therefore the more accurate it is because it's no longer just the meaning of the cards, it is the connection with the client's inner wisdom and my intuitive guidance. As one, we receive the guidance that they need. The way I was taught and how I give Tarot readings is never about prediction. To me, it's like a snapshot, taking a photo of every area in your life right now, which can be shifted and changed directionally by my client’s choice.

Through the Tarot I will read the different areas of your life that are important to you — or important in the context of your greatest challenge at the moment — sensing what you can do to overcome that challenge and to realize your highest potential: all of it is about empowerment. I always tell all my Tarot reading clients that there's nothing negative on a Tarot deck, no matter how the visual may present itself; the guidance is simply instructing you on how you project your current energy and what you may need to shift for you to get out of it. You always have a choice. If you don't like something, all it takes is just a conscious redirection from inside-out. And then it can change. It's all up to you, you alone have the power and ability to change the outcomes.

As a Tarot reader, my style is closer to that of a mentor, coach, counselor, combined with guiding you towards what you can do, as opposed to telling you what to do. I want to help you to empower yourself and to be a happier version of you.

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I love doing Tarot reading because...

I embraced the practice of Tarot reading purely intuitively.
Originally, I wasn’t planning to present it as something I do on a regular basis: it was for my pure joy and fun. But I tuned in to my highest self about it, and the answer I received was, “Keep doing it.” This message wasn’t logical, but it resonated so much that I followed the energy movement of it, and I am so happy I did.


A few years later, Dior hired me through their Paris office and granted me the privilege of being the guest Tarot reader in their stores for their VIP clients. They resonated with my education, my corporate background — and quite honestly, the way I looked composed and centered. Since then I have been a guest Tarot reader collaborating with Dior and other events alike many times. 

Although during the Dior events I only got to spend an average of 10 minutes with each VIP guest, just by that little reading and guidance that I gave them, I saw how much they shifted and their energy becoming lighter right away. 

Imagine what we can do during a one-hour tarot reading session! I love how profound the experience can be, and I'm always excited about a Tarot reading, which is basically an energy reading for others.  It's always as much fun for me as it is for my clients.

"A tarot session with Jovy was precise, accurate, to the point and just what was needed at that moment in my life. Jovy is a wonderful and positive person and her energy rubs onto you...each interaction with her leaves you enriched and feeling more confident about oneself."

Ira Dutta, Singapore

"I thought I would get the usual predictions but this is not how Jovy works. What I really liked about Jovy's reading is that it is a pro-active approach that puts the individual back in control over the aspects of life that need to be worked out, and empowers us to move forward in life for the better."  

Charley Cloris, Hong Kong

What does the tarot reading session look like?

The Tarot reading session can be online or in person, and it usually lasts for an hour. At the beginning of the session, I always ask for permission to tune in to your energy, and to pick the cards for you if it is an online session. We will first pick the cards for a main spread reading. And then, we pick another 7 cards to read the energy I sense from you, where each card represents a chakra — a part of daily life. It shows the current energy, so I tell you what it reflects. Usually, it's spot on right there. 

At the main spread reading, each position of the cards and the meaning of it itself blends my intuition to tell you what is happening in certain areas of your life. Topics we cover include intimate relationship, work, career, money, health and well-being, your biggest challenge at the moment, what the unseen teachers and guidance beyond our physicality want to teach you, what you can do to realize your highest potential now, and more.

After that we will address any specific questions you may have. I will guide you through the entire process, but your intention behind the Tarot reading session is critically important. Come with an open heart and have fun, so you can ask and receive from a loving place.

Anytime you change your perspective, anything can change for you.

It is as simple as that!

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