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To this day, the more I allow myself to be authentic, the happier and more powerful I am. The more I see my own authenticity, feel it, know it within myself, the more I can see that reflection in and from others. I love to love, I love loving people, and I enjoy being kind. It feels nice to know that I am doing my best at all times, that nothing has gone wrong, and that all is well. At each point of my journey, I am learning, growing, expanding, and having fun — experiencing all sorts of emotions in joy, sometimes the opposite of it, but much more celebrating my inner success which evidently manifests in and as my outer accomplishments.

Through my life experience, it's almost like every element was needed for me to be conditioned in a certain way, so then I can break through and become more empowered, more free, more loving, and kind — not only to others but more importantly, to myself. I understand and embody the whole process of breaking through transformation. And now I can use my life experiences and what I've learned through the development of my intuition to help others to breakthrough and be empowered, too.

Breakthrough Coaching Program

Whether you are here out of spiritual curiosity, or seeking in harmonizing your relationships, allowing more abundance to flow through you, enhancing your confidence, health, and general well-being, manifesting your heart’s desires…I will guide you to break through any perceived as well as unconscious limitations that are holding you back. I’ll sense you, I’ll walk with you to identify and release the chains that are pulling you down, and facilitate your real-time integration of all the transformational and empowering tools I am continually developing and using myself. 

People who are drawn to me are those who know that there is more to life than what they are experiencing and have me as their support to explore and learn how to get there to experience a fuller, more joyous, satisfying, and fulfilling existence.



My clients fall into a wide spectrum of age, gender, cultural and socio-economic background. They range from:

  • an 18-year-old university student who has a lot of anxiety issues wanting to build more confidence and overcome his fears and phobias;
  • a successful, top-ranking career woman who takes on more than her fair share of financial burden wants to be free from the constant fear of lack and be able to make drastic decisions;
  • a mother who feels stuck but wants to start her own business and realize her full potential without upsetting her husband and children; 
  • a young lady who is haunted by her past relationships wants to build a new life for herself; 
  • a smart, driven woman who doesn’t have the courage to be honest with her partner wants a more satisfying relationship, and to finally get pregnant after several failed attempts;  
  • an intellectual man who is not emotionally capable of expressing himself wants to heal his griefs of losing an important person, and to start living more joyfully with purpose;
  • a 70-year-old lady who has been fearful her entire life wants to start having more fun and getting out of her comfort zone; 

…and anything in between.

What is the breakthrough coaching program...


For the past 10 years, I have helped over a thousand clients to break through. But you have to be willing and open enough to receive it — your desire to change is key for this. 

One good thing about my education background and almost 2 decades of professional work in the marketing and communications field at large international firms is that I have developed a very strong analytical mind. Using that not only helps me quickly understand my clients’ concerns and where they got stuck, but also helps my clients to effectively invalidate their limiting beliefs and perspectives, and to reframe them into new patterns that are supportive to where they want to be.

Along with my feminine, softer, intuitive side, my sharp intellect and my ability to connect to the energetics and spiritual realms for higher wisdom guidance is a very powerful combination.

There's always this profound breakthrough available from the original container of awareness and clarity that continually expands. The Breakthrough Coaching is a 12-weeks bespoke program tailor-made individually for the person I work with. I will sense you, and together, we will identify where you are at this moment, so we can recognize and start moving towards where you want to be. I use the Attraction Point Audit (APA), a process of reverse re-engineering key life events that helps us pinpoint the dominant negative emotions where we can further explore the anchoring beliefs and perspectives that created those emotions.

My intention with this program...

My intention is for you to take your power back. And I can reassure you, everyone can do it. I can guide you to discover it.  I only teach what I embody myself. And trust me, I am a human too, so every life event for me is to keep learning, expanding and embodying my inner wisdom more and more, to deeper and deeper levels. 

I love sharing, and I love helping others. Seeing them change and move towards love and empowerment is the most satisfying thing for me. I also love my coaching practice, because I am free to use everything I have. There's no thing, no modality that gives me limitations. Like Abraham-Hicks says, “You can be, do, and have anything you want.” The sequence of this statement is not a coincidence — it’s a formula, and I am offering you tools and processes for you to experience the limitless of who you are. I use my intuition to channel that higher wisdom guidance. It's a very satisfying and freeing process for me, and it can be for you too.

"Jovy is truly wonderful. Just had my very first session and have come away feeling great, so light and with a much clearer focus. Thank you so much Jovy, you are truly amazing. 🤩 💕"

Laurellee Cowan, Australia

"Wow, what a beautiful clearing session I had with Jovy! I came in feeling stressed, overwhelmed and pressured and within the hour felt such heart-warming joy and ease."

Kim Sneath, Canada

General steps of the program:

identifying the root cause...

This first step is important because it’s the process of openly identifying the root cause that is holding you back, usually in a form of past trauma and limiting beliefs, so we can shift and dissolve them.

releasing resistance...

From then on, I will use my intuition and all the processes and tools I mastered throughout my life — hypnosis, inner child work, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and the Belief Tree process, to mention a few. These processes will help you clear those issues from the root level. 

Sometimes the work is very brain related, like using the Belief Tree process. A thought that we keep thinking becomes a belief, and the neural synapses get very strong. We need to invalidate that thought so the relevant synapses can be pruned, and the belief can be gone for good and we can instill new beliefs that resonate with what we want. However, it’s not always a matter of the mind. It’s not always the logic. It can be the energy or cellular memories from past traumas that stay in the body, morphed into various deep-seated blockages that are hard to detect. 

my intuitive guidance...

By addressing the root of the resistance week after week, I will facilitate through my intuitive guidance for you to sense how energy and vibration flows, and the power of being aware of how the Law of Attraction operates, so you can experience your purest desires. 


Integration and the embodiment of all the new awarenesses is key. Every week there is homework, not heavy duty, but very guided and intuitive so you can see, recognize, integrate, and celebrate in real-time all the changes. By the end of week-12, the dominant beliefs that are not serving you anymore will dissipate. It's all a beautiful dance, not a rigid equation. Whatever we need to work on always pops up organically, so it’s a very natural process.

you are ready to spread your wings...

Throughout the Breakthrough coaching Program, we will revise the stagnancy, cut the chain from the bottom, and clear it off. And now, you are ready to spread your wings wide open.


Imagine you no longer have the limiting beliefs and perspectives that are holding you back. That your newly refreshed point of attraction is now directing towards love, joy, excitement, and freedom.  

With consistent practice and integration week after week, applying all the tools I am offering for you to experience this shift yourself, at the close of this program you will acknowledge and celebrate all the breakthroughs you have already made. And you are ready for even more when you know that you are not outsourcing your well-being through me. I am leading by my own example of breaking through and giving you the gift of self-empowerment to recognize — it’s all you. 

Although it's not my intention to have a client keep coming back to me, after the first 12 weeks of the Breakthrough Coaching Program, if you are eager for more — and there is always more! — we can expand to a new level of inner conscious awareness. But ultimately, it's my biggest joy to see you spreading your wings and see you fly towards unlimited possibilities.

"I was stressed and feeling low but I knew there was more to life, and more to me. Jovy paved that path for me. I felt so safe to open up and explore with her. 5 months on and the gift keeps on giving. Anger and stress are no longer a part of my life. I was amazed how quickly they disintegrated away. Amazed!!"

Mags Salisbury, United Kingdom

"Jovy is a very present and focused coach with the capacity to guide and encourage in ways that left me feeling empowered, seen and deeply supported. My frustration with an old issue has decreased enormously and I feel excited about the possibilities of my life."

Jen McKinlay, Australia

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"I chose Jovy for my coach because I knew I could be vulnerable with her and that she would be honest with me; she has the depth of spiritual experience to see things as they are. She gave me the perfect feedback that my Inner Being really was ready to hear. Jovy is delightful, she is incredibly intuitive and insightful, and full of love. Her input has been invaluable and my life is forever changed."

Sue Zisko, USA

"Jovy helped me remember that I am a powerful creator in such a fun and simple way. She helped me see how silly my limiting beliefs actually were and see things from a more complete perspective. Not only is Jovy respectful and patient but she is so down to earth and just an amazing human being. I recommend Jovy whole heartedly for those who want to create a quantum shift in their physical experience!"

Tona, Mexico