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"All forms of personal development, mentoring and coaching are so valuable but working through Jovy's programme allowed me to find more freedom and clarity than any other work I've done.

I've experienced some tough situations but always felt like I was more than capable of coming out the other side. What I perhaps didn’t realise is that I came out of every experience with a little more chatter in my mind and a little more anxiety that I continued to live with. I knew that from such a good position in my life now things should just feel easier and happier but they didn’t. I knew it was an internal game to be won and that my mind was in the driving seat - I needed something different to let go of the chatter.

Thankfully Jovy was the perfect fit for me right from the beginning. I instantly felt calm and at ease when talking to her. Subtle changes were happening as each week progressed, topics would naturally arise and I felt safe to unravel my thoughts wherever they were taken. Jovy’s ability to connect and deeply understand takes the coaching to a whole new level.

I achieved all the goals I had from the outset and more. We addressed all my underlying perspectives and beliefs. And when they were removed I was left with the knowledge that I had all the answers within me. I am able to hear my own inner guidance more clearly. I am able to accept circumstances as neutral and not attach to them. I no longer carry that heavy and weary feeling attached to emotional anxiety. I am more present each day and I feel peaceful for what my future unfolding will bring.

It’s the best investment anyone could make in themselves, and Jovy is a world class coach. I would especially add that those 12 weeks was the time I needed to feel and make real changes, the messages continued to build and stay with me. Jovy had a feminine perspective that was so welcome. For anyone wondering if now is the right time, I'd say absolutely yes - it doesn’t matter where you are Jovy will guide you where you need to be."

Orla M, Ireland
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“I just finished a three months program with Jovy Wan. As soon as we ended our last call I burst into tears! I was so deeply moved by the love and support I have received from Jovy. She has been a huge help with clearing all the blocks I have been dealing with in my life. I have worked on myself for many years but it has never really clicked for me. However, through the coaching from Jovy I have been able to understand what is really standing in my way. When I came to a deeper understanding of what is truly the issue for me it was much easier to let go and choose a different path. 

Jovy has taught me so much about many areas in my life - relationships, self-love, work and happiness. She has given me tools to put me on the right path and create what is truly right for me. She saw my blind spots that I could have not seen for myself. She is honest and knows the direction of where you are going. 

She has helped me to let go of something that I have not been able to let go of my entire life. I am so grateful for her. Being able to clear out this area of my life is priceless! It brings me freedom and joy! 

She is so supportive and has your back - always! Jovy has the best mindset and it is truly inspiring. She is the perfect example of ease and joy. She IS what she preaches!! 

I am so grateful that I decided to work with her for three months. The tools she has given me is something I will have forever and I will keep on practicing! Even though our coaching journey has ended for now, her coaching and tools will have a long lasting effect. 

"Everyone who has the pleasure to work with Jovy are so lucky. She is an amazing woman and coach! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"     

Emilie Bertram Hansen, Denmark
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"Thank you Jovy for all of your wisdom and guidance over the last few months! The 12 weeks program with you has greatly improved the quality of my life and made me more aligned with my true self. I truly feel like a different person!

I felt intuitively guided to do the work with you even though I didn’t have a specific goal in mind and I am so happy that I did. I just felt that I needed to do this at this stage in my life. As we did the work together, I realised that there were many unexamined beliefs and patterns in my life that were not serving me. These were influencing me on a level that I was rarely aware of, but with ease and grace, you helped me see my blind spots. You always brought your wisdom, intuitive guidance and your sense of joy to the sessions.

Each week, I would start the session with an issue or a belief that I was burdened with (sometimes for many decades!) and by the end of the hour, the issue would be completely resolved. It was like magic!  Even though you used many different approaches throughout the sessions, the hypnosis sessions were my absolute favourite as I found we could go extremely deep and get profoundly healing outcomes. 

Our sessions empowered me to feel in control in my life no matter what the circumstance.  I feel a deep sense of calm, joy and freedom and am excited for a future full of possibilities unencumbered by past burdens.

Jovy, you really have the gift of compassion, intuition and insight and are a true joy to work with. I cannot recommend you and your life changing course enough! Thank you beautiful Jovy!!"     

Dominika Ferenz, Australia
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"Jovy is exactly how I thought she would be! Compassionate, intuitive, thoughtful and so much fun. We worked on relationships…and a fear of being alone. Her insights helped me clear this ridiculous fear!! Jovy you are made for this!! Incredible 💕 (plus I gained a friend)."

Angie, USA
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"Jovy is a very present and focused coach with the capacity to guide and encourage in ways that left me feeling empowered, seen and deeply supported. My frustration with an old issue has decreased enormously and I feel excited about the possibilities of my life."

Jen McKinlay, Australia
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