Life's purpose is joy.


Love is who you are.


Wisdom comes from within.

An ever-expanding traveler.

From my higher, broader than physical perspective, I recognize within myself that I am an infinite, ever-expanding energy-traveler of love and joy.

I, from the physical perspective that carries the name Jovy Wan, encompass many beautiful physical identities that continually change and expand, dancing with my higher, broader perspective as I navigate through life, constantly making choices.

My Story

I was born and raised in Hong Kong to a large family with strong traditional values. I am the 7th and last child, the 6th girl who was an “accident” my mother didn’t wish to happen. Even as a toddler I remember her telling me often how she wanted to abort me and how much I was an extra to this family. It took me many, many years and lots of inner work to realize that this was the root cause of my feelings and unconscious belief of not being good enough no matter how much I have accomplished or how well I always did.

When I was 8 the only son in the family, my big brother, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18. The year leading up to his passing saw me from being the adored baby of the family to an abandoned child as no one had time or the mood to take care of my needs. It got worse when my mother got into depression after losing her son. Anything I said or did could make her very sad or angry within seconds. In my little mind, the only way to stay safe is to be perfect all the time. And I would give anything to please others so no one would be this unhappy. I started my long journey of conforming to others’ expectations and social norms, doing the “right” thing, being the good girl…and forgetting about Me.

Others might have seen me as a brilliant overachiever as I excelled in school and work in the years that followed. I graduated from the top university in Hong Kong with honors and scholarships, and got my MBA in the United States plus some working experiences there. Climbing the corporate ladder was the most logical thing to do and that’s exactly what I did with flying colors. However, the walls I built up to protect myself got even thicker, and the need to not only be perfect but also invincible was intensified in order to stay safe. Everything looked good and glamorous from the outside, but it was all dried up and empty on the inside.

I was giving my all to work and other people around me. The only love I showed myself was taking expensive vacations or buying nice things which I didn’t even need. Although quite unconsciously, with me not really loving myself and having that underlying belief of not good enough, I attracted relationship after relationship that didn’t work. After 2 divorces I came to the conclusion that I was “defective” in love. There must be something wrong with me. Life felt lifeless and hopeless.

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Following My Heart

In 2009 my father passed away unexpectedly and that shook the whole world as I knew it. I began asking lots of questions like “why am I staying in a job that I hate?”, “why do I always need to be a good girl?”, “why can’t I do something else?”, “why can’t I tell my truth?”...with that a whole new world opened up to me.

For the first time in forever I followed my heart, not my head, and quit before having the next job offer or a plan B. I felt the huge urge to leave but I didn’t know what to do yet. The need to understand life and death and to heal my own grief of losing my father guided me to learn many spiritual disciplines and healing modalities. I felt the peace and excitement I never felt in the corporate world.

In 2013 my life took a 180-degree turn as I found my passion in sharing what I have learned and helped me so much to help others. I started my healing practice and my life became a lot more satisfying. I facilitated countless profound shifts and transformation in others in the subsequent years, but I still had everyone else’s needs above mine. Many of my underlying/conditioned beliefs, perspectives, self-inflicted limitations and behavior patterns were still in the background although I was much better than before. Life was good, but it didn’t feel full. I continue to search and learn new things, and merge my spiritual knowledge with more mainstream teachings like neuroscience.

In 2020 I reacquainted with the Law of Attraction’s teachings, something I have learned but put down a decade ago. This time I felt a “click” I didn’t get before, and instead of just knowing how vibration works on a cognitive level, I embody the knowledge through day-to-day consistent practice. Within a very short time I already experienced amazing shifts in my life. Together with the new tools that I learned, refined and developed to locate and resolve the root causes of issues, I have come home to me - the loving, free, joyful, powerful, abundant and authentic me. How I love this new yet original Jovy!!!

Today I have an amazing relationship with the most important person in my life - myself. I feel loved and supported as I continue to love and support others. My cup is flowing beautifully. It’s so fun and easy to create what I desire - money, clients, fun projects, travels, great friendships…you name it! I am dominantly happy, relaxed and at ease. Life is so easy and magical and I sincerely want that for you too!

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

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