Where did I learn to practice QHHT?

​I am privileged to have personally taken the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) training with Dolores Cannon, creator of this wonderful modality. I went through all the required levels and became a Certified QHHT Level 3 Practitioner (the highest in the program) as well as class instructor and voice coach for the QHHT Academy to certify others.  

During her almost 50 years career as a regressive hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon worked with thousands upon thousands of clients in countries all over the world. Now, I am amongst the few practitioners trained by Dolores — keeping her legacy alive and honoring her memory.

“The Metaphysical Hour” podcast with Dolores Cannon's daughter, Julia Cannon.

Watch my rather extraordinary journey in finding Dolores Cannon, and eventually becoming a QHHT Level 3 Practitioner.


What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)?

Whether you believe in past lives or not, through QHHT you will experience a profound journey that allows your conscious mind to relax completely, thereby we can bypass it and tune into your inner wisdom for guidance, answers and healing.

 We all have a conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind contains all sorts of information that we’re unaware of. Unless we quiet down our conscious mind, we won't be able to access our subconscious. The chatter in our head, our thoughts, and our physical faculties must be sufficiently softened to allow us to hear and be receptive to what lies beyond them. 

 Nowadays, people refer to the subconscious mind in many different ways: the superconscious, the higher self, the broader perspective, inner wisdom, and so on. I personally like to address it as my higher self but it really doesn’t matter. Whatever you like to call it, our subconscious mind is connected to infinite intelligence that reconciles everything that has ever been, everything that is now, and everything that will be — all simultaneously.

Our traditional concept of time — past, present, and future, is linear. However, there is no time and space limitation from the universe's perspective. Everything is happening now. I will gently guide you through QHHT to experience a past life regression which in essence is opening an energetic portal that allows you to access your inner wisdom — and ask anything you want to know. Your inner wisdom is not outside of you; it’s within you, and it always knows what serves you the best. 

Imagine accessing this ever-expanding database of everything that exists, picking the most relevant file to your life challenges right now, and experiencing the answers to your own questions in real time. Through the awareness of the story that you are allowing yourself to perceive, whether you believe in past life or not, you will receive insights into and inspiration for why something is happening. This experience offers the opportunity to revise and rewrite your life story in the direction that you deliberately choose to resolve it. 

This is very helpful on its own, but QHHT goes further beyond that. We don't stop at seeing that story; whether it’s a past, future or parallel life. We continue on and go even deeper into our connection with your inner wisdom, your higher self, to ask the questions you have, get the guidance you seek, and receive the healing that is most appropriate for you be it for your physical health, relationships or other matters that concern you.  

A little bit about the session process…

Through my years of QHHT practice since 2013, I have seen time and time again amazing, profound transformations in people. These sessions are quite long, from 4 to 6 hours. It takes a great deal of energy but I have mastered all my tools to steadily prepare myself, so neither of us gets depleted. Before the session, I will also provide you with all the tools so that you can be ready and get the best out of the experience.

How we prepare for a session…

Before each session, I always establish pure intentions, with the expectation of the best outcomes for both you and me. I meditate to quiet my mind so I can sense when my client is ready too. If the session is in person, I also do some energetic cleaning of the room in which the session will take place.  

Here are a few quick points on how to prepare for a session:

  • I strongly recommend that you get yourself relaxed, and from an easy feeling space, set a clear intention for your session 
  • Prepare a list of questions and always focus on what you sense are the most predominant topics about which you would like to receive guidance 
    • Please write them down neatly on a piece of paper, or print them out, and hand them to me on the day of your session
    • From all my years of experience, the number of questions is best kept at below 10. If you have more, please remember to prioritize them as we may not have enough time to cover all of them
  • The night before and on the day of your session, avoid any kind of strong outer stimulation such as coffee, alcohol, or too much heavy food, for example. You want to enter with as much clarity as possible so that you can really open up and experience clear communication with your inner wisdom 
  • There won’t be any break for meals so please eat well but not too heavily before you arrive. Feel free to bring along some dry snacks and beverages if you want
  • Wear comfortable clothes and do not put on any perfume or strongly-scented essential oils
  • Clear your schedule for the day especially for after the session - it’s important that you take it easy after the session so your body can rest and integrate the healing/wisdom received

Your session is a private one. Even though your spouse, partner or friend wants to be with you to witness this amazing experience, it is a place where you need to feel completely safe that your confidentiality in all matters is observed. As such, no one else is allowed in your session. You may share your recording or any memories or thoughts later at your discretion.

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"Jovy Wan is an incredibly talented guide, healer and intuitive. With her guidance you can go to levels you never know existed, and heal parts of yourself that years of therapy and counseling could not effect. She is a simply a goddess!"

Sandy Jack, USA

"Fantastic and awesome! - that's what I have to say about my QHHT session with Jovy. It was an ‘out of this world’ experience for me and I’ve never expected to have such wisdom filled advice and insights from my higher self!"

C. B. Ang, Malaysia

The session itself and after the session…

We begin by talking, allowing me to get to know you and the important people and events in your life, going over the process as well as your questions. That usually takes at least a couple of hours. Then we’ll go into the hypnosis part which lasts for around 2 hours as well. After that I'll count you out, debrief, answer any questions you may have and make sure you are fully grounded before I end the session.

In QHHT we take you to a very deeply relaxed state. In that space, you're no longer operating from the mind: you're tapping into the broader intelligence, and that intelligence knows exactly what you need. This sense of empowerment is a big reason why I love QHHT so much. It's not that I will be telling you, ‘Oh, your past life is this, you need to do this, you need to do that.’ It's you who channels your own Higher Self; I am the facilitator, guiding you through the process. 

“Sometimes, after the session, people ask me if I touched them. Yet there is no physical touch with anyone during hypnosis whatsoever, other than the sensation of energy flow in their body, which is the most advanced technology and frequency receptor. I also get the front row seat to their profound travels to different time-space dimensions and planes — and through them, I can talk with all manner of beings from different civilizations, or observe how Earth began, other life forms, and a great deal of hidden higher wisdom. It's so fun for me. I love it and I've always been even more excited than my clients.”

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I'm naturally curious, and I'm very good at asking questions and digging down deeper to get more guidance, more answers for you. But again, it's in reality your higher self doing all the healing, giving you wisdom and guidance that are most appropriate for you. I am just guiding and maintaining a steady space to facilitate the process. And, through that process, you will know that the broader part of you is always there, and you always have access to it. When you continue with your inner practice, you can experience this innate connection yourself.

The integration phase is also very important after the session. The hypnosis portion of the session will be digitally recorded. After you leave I will review the sound file and send you a link to your email address to download the file. Please download your file as soon as you receive the link and make a backup copy.

Listening repeatedly to your session recording in the days and weeks and even months ahead is an important part of the experience of a Dolores Cannon method of QHHT. Even if your conscious mind remembers the session immediately afterwards, it can begin to fade from your memory just like dreams do. Also, any healing or life improvement suggestions can and will be reinforced by listening repeatedly to the audio.

Journal daily your experience as you remember it so you continue experiencing the resonance of all the answers and tools you have received. Be gentle with yourself, act on your Higher Self’s guidance but don’t try to force anything. As you follow your heart’s feelings — the most accurate GPS for life — with love and compassion for yourself, your next steps will unfold perfectly.

What if you can’t come to me in person?

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I’ll do my best to see how I may assist you.

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