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"I've never been particularly interested in a tarot reading, but since I met Jovy and learned about what she does, I have felt an undeniable resonance. It was literally a no-brainer and pure inner inspiration to book a session with her. I was so eager to receive her intuitive guidance through the tarot cards.

Jovy embodies her inner knowing. She was not predicting my future; she held the unwavering presence of the fullest potential I could experience. Jovy gently showed me where I am vibrationally and guided me so I could make a deliberate decision on which direction I would like to shift. It was a very intuitive and accurate process. I was in awe of the precision of the energetical information that Jovy was flowing through her towards me. I could recognize these vibrational set points of situations and subconscious memories that I was still holding on to. Jovy brought me to the root of the cause: the old stories I picked up along my existence and other generational memories still engraved within me. Once she showed me that they were still active, the awareness about it empowered me to release them all. And I did!

There are no good or bad happenings in Jovy's readings; there is only a recognition of where you are and a fuller potential to experience the life you desire the most for yourself. Jovy's intuitive tarot reading is one of my favorite permission slips to check out my relationship with all the topics important to me. She does not tell you what to do; she expresses and holds the possibility for you to release resistance so you can shift and experience more of what you want. Jovy's sessions are loving, lighthearted, and so fun!

The experience with Jovy inspired me to ask her to become my mentor in embodying the process of intuitive tarot reading. I dream about Jovy's intuitive guidance academy for everyone who resonates and is ready to hold the unwavering presence of love, abundance, and the infinite potential of Source's life expression through the process of tarot reading."

Armand Alvarez, USA
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"I am very grateful to Jovy for her insightful tarot reading and gentle yet powerful healing sessions.

In the tarot reading, Jovy had given me a clear picture of several areas of my life as well as the opportunities and the biggest challenge that I was facing at that moment.

During the reading on intimate relationship, besides basically telling me our recent situation and outcome, Jovy brought my attention to the lesson, interaction and healing with that particular person in this lifetime.

My tarot reading with Jovy was remarkably inspiring and encouraging. Jovy had also given me practical advises on my biggest challenge and relationship issue. In the energy healing, Jovy helped to remove my energy blockages that held me back. I felt more calm and grounded after a session, and found the courage to let go and move on.

I would highly recommend both tarot reading and energy healing sessions with Jovy."

Clement Mak, Hong Kong
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“I recently had a reading and healing session with Jovy to work on anxiety issues and determine the best way forward with a particular issue. Jovy immediately made me feel comfortable and listened to (in fact, she very generously gave me more of her time than we had initially agreed on for the session). The card reading was spot-on and incredibly reassuring, and Jovy explained it all to me in a simple yet inspiring way. The meditation was a wonderful experience and I relaxed completely, guided by her voice to visualise some very calming and loving images. I left the session feeling re-focused and far more positive and calm than I had felt for weeks and, to my surprise, this calm feeling lasted long after the session was over, suggesting that it was far more than a placebo effect. I followed through on her recommendations and they have made a real - quite astonishing, in fact - positive difference to my life. I would recommend Jovy for a healing and reading unreservedly.”  

Fiona McKeand, Canada
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"I have my first ever tarot reading with Jovy. Her warmth and patience soothed all my anxieties right away. The reading was going comfortably yet very inspiring and constructive. I have never expected it would be such an enjoyable experience! Anyone who would like to try a reading, Jovy is the one you should go to."

Kyle Pak, Australia
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"I thought I would get the usual predictions but this is not how Jovy works. What I really liked about Jovy's reading is that it is a pro-active approach that puts the individual back in control over the aspects of life that need to be worked out, and empowers us to move forward in life for the better."  

Christine Lam, Hong Kong
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